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  Lechlade - March 5th - John Hern with a 12lbs 3oz Brownie Lechlade - March 5th - Gordon Ball with a 12lbs 5oz Brownie
  March 25th - New Boat Pontoon officially opened. Bill Hande cuts the ribbon to the Disabled improvements
  The Rutland Eleven at the start of Day 1 - June 8th

Normanton Church

  Nigel Perrin with the best fish of the Rutland trip - 3lbs 12oz Mike Stone playing a Rutland Rainbow
  Gavin Argyle and Nigel Perrin on Rutland Bill Wootton and Peter Sore motoring to the next drift
  Bill Hande presenting Michael Herring with best fish by a Kennick Member Nov 11 Bill Hande presenting Mike Stone with the Peter Page Boat Shield 2011
  Bill Hande presenting Rob Gale with the Brian Parkes Bank Shield 2011 Bill Hande presenting Mike Boston with the Senior Shield 2011
  Bill Hande and Mike Stone (Orvis) presenting Rob Gale with the Orvis Hydros Rod 2011 Bill Hande presenting Alan Riddell with the "guess the photo" prize